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What is a health share program?

We’ll explain how a medi-share system works and help you make an informed decision about choosing the appropriate program for you and your family

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What is Christian Health Care?

Christian Health Care is not insurance. However, it does satisfy the mandate under the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obama Care, that all individuals must obtain medical insurance and exempts you from paying the steep fine for not having an ACA-compliant health insurance plan. 

Health Care or more appropriately, “Health Share”, is a biblically based non-profit health “share” organization that facilitates sharing of medical expenses for participating fellow believers. Health care sharing ministries are founded on the biblical principle of believers sharing each other’s needs. 

Several Health Share Ministries cite the mandate of Galatians 6:2 to “Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ” as applicable to medical costs. 

Some see origins in the Book of Acts where early Christians “were together and had everything in common” and “gave to anyone as he had need”, (Acts 2:44-45). 

How Does a Health Share Program Work?

Recognized Health Care Sharing Ministries are groups of people who voluntarily agree to share the cost of their medical expenses. Individuals, couples, families, businesses, churches and other organizations contribute monthly “Share” amounts, similar to an insurance premium. 

The program administrator acts as a neutral facilitator to pool the “Shares” for members who have medical expenses in a given month. Some programs pay the medical providers directly. Some programs choose to forward the amount of the need to the member and they are responsible for paying the provider.

Since a Christian Health Share program is not traditional health insurance, the plans are not required to cover services, products or treatments that they find objectionable or conflicting with their faith. 

Common services which are likely not covered by health sharing plans include birth control, abortions, STDs and injuries or health issues caused by reckless behavior or risky sports.